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  • CASSA is the Canadian organization of school system leaders that promotes and supports quality education for the success of each student.

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  • Canadian Students Return to Classrooms September 2020

    Each province is manging the process of students returning to elementary and high school in the way they feel is most appropriate for their situation. This document provides a brief overview of what each province is planning.

    Download (Descriptions in point form, PDF format) - Updated August 5th.

    Download (Chart, PNG format)


    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Page
    CASSA has created a new page dedicated to the posting of resources shared and/or developed by CASSA Members related to COVID-19. This page will be updated as new materials are available.

    Find these helpful resources under the Resources Tab -> Covid-19 Resources

     Executive Director's Message: October 2020

     2019 EXL Award: Download the 2019 EXL Award Press Release

    copyright and online learning Teachers, Copyright, and Fair Dealing

    Know your rights and know your limits!

    Reminder: Copyright law is not suspended when a state of emergency arises. Fair Dealing Guidelines apply to on-line learning.

    Fair Dealing Guidelines apply to on-line lesson materials for students. Teachers should continue to reference www.FairDealingDecisionTool.ca for copyright questions.

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Members & Partners

  • CASSA Members

    CASSA is a federation of provincial and territorial professional affiliates and individual members:

    • AAESQ and ADGESBQ (Quebec)
    • BCSSA (British Columbia)
    • NLASSA (Newfoundland and Labrador) 
    • NWTSA (Northwest Territories)
    • Yukon
    • Nunavut
    • Prince Edward island
    • MASS (Manitoba)
    • NBSSA (New Brunswick)
    • OCSOA and OPSOA (Ontario) 
    • CASS (Alberta)
    • LEADS (Saskatchewan)
    • RNDGÉ

    CASSA Education Partners

    • CMEC Copyright Consortium  - Currently, all ministries of education across Canada are checking their on-line copyright content to ensure they are using the latest copyright information, graphics, and links. Ministries are conducting this review to discuss what further materials may be required to accentuate our copyright awareness campaign in the forthcoming 2019-20 school year. Click the logo to link to the Fair Dealing decision Tool.

    • Make a Future is a recruitment initiative created by the BC Public School Employers' Association as a joint venture among BC's 60 public boards of education, the First Nations Education Steering Committee, and the Ministry of Education.
    • EdCan (formerly the Canadian Education Association) supports and promotes the innovative and courageous leadership that is driving change in Canada’s education systems.
    • CASSA is a partner with the AASA.

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