• We're Putting Data to Work 
    to confidently define Canada's French Language teacher shortage.

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    The CSBA and the FNCSF, in collaboration with the CASSA, the RNDGE, and the CLE, have teamed up in the development of a nationwide, cloud-based technology framework allowing easy access to reliable standardized data from across Canada. These data will better define the Francophone and French second language teacher shortage and serve to inform decision-making in matters of recruitment, mobility, and retention of French teachers. 

    Putting Data to Work mobilizes key partners in education through collaboration. This project is financed by the department of Canadian Heritage over the next two years (2022-2024).

    Putting Data to Work

    Why should this Project Matter to System Leaders?

    Frequently Asked Questions  (Updated June 2023)

    Article on the French Language Teacher Shortage Data Infrastructure Project:
    September 2021 Issue of the Leaders and Learners Newsletter (CASSA-ACGCS)

    For more information contact: mazauhar@gmail.com

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