• 2016 Conference Presentations

    The theme of the 2016 CASSA-ACGCS Conference was "Hearts & Minds Creating a Culture of Caring".

    We are pleased to provide a link to presentations delivered at the 2016 conference.

    This section is being updated as presentations become available.

    We have also provided a link to a summary of the workshops. (PDF)

    Friday July 8, 2016

    School District Recommendations from the Every Teacher Project and the National Inventory on LGBTQ - inclusive Education

    Catherine Taylor - Professor of Education, University of Winnipeg

    Terry Price - Head of Professional Development, MB Teachers' Society

    Christopher Campbell - Research Program Director, University of Winnipeg 

    Link to Presentation (PowerPoint)

    Final Report English (PDF)

    Rapport Final Francais (PDF) 

    Igniting Student Voice and Engagement in a School District 

    Jamie Nunn - Superintendent of Student Achievement, Hamilton Wentworth District School Board 

    Link to Presentation (PowerPoint)

    Nurturing Inclusive Catholic School Communities 

    Tracy Barill - Supervisory Officer, Durham Catholic District School Board 

    Gerry O-Reilly - Supervisory Officer, Durham Catholic District School Board 

    Tish Sheppard - Teaching & Learning Consultant, Durham Catholic District School Board 

    Link to Presentation (PDF)

    Exploring the Holocaust Through An Interactive Digitial Platform 

    Elin Beaumont - Educational Outreach Coordinator, The Azrieli Foundation 

    Link to Presentation (PowerPoint)

    Implementing PBIS with a Student First Approach – Good Spirit School Division’s Journey 

    Tracy Huckell - Superintendent of Education, Good Spirit School Division No. 204 

    Link to Presentation (PDF)

    The Power of Partnerships 

    Rex Ferguson-Baird (Brooklands Elementary) and Dean Shareski (Discovery Education Canada) 

    Link to Presentation (PDF)

    Saturday July 9, 2016

    How Anti Stigma Initiatives align with a Board's Mental Health and Addiction Strategy 

    Anne O'Brien - Director of Education, Durham CDSB

    Janine Bowyer - Superintendent of Education, Durham CDSB

    St; Diane Mullane - Mental Health Leader 

    Respecting Difference: A Whole School Approach to Creating Safe, Caring and Welcoming Environments Through Social Justice and Social Responsibility

    Stephen Charbonneau - Superintendent, Simcoe Muskoka CDSB

    Dr. Patrick Carney - Chief Psychologist and Mental Health Lead 

    Link to Presentation (PowerPoint)

    Assessment Guidelines to Support Student Success 

    Dr. Bryan Szumlas - Director, Calgary Catholic School District 

    Link to Presentation (PDF)

    Managing Student Data & the IEP/IPP Process for Improved Student Performance, Data Analysis and Meaningful Programming

    Carla Weller - Regional Special Education Consultant and Team Lead Student Services Network in York Region District School Board (Ontario)

    Dr. Philip Geiger - Senior Vice President of MAXIMUS CANADA (PowerSchool Special Education software) 

    Link to Presentation (PowerPoint)

    Social Justice: The Call to Serve One Another 

    Brian Beal - Director of Education, Simcoe Muskoka Catholic DSB 

    Link to Presentation (PowerPoint)