• CASSA members who have exhibited exemplary leadership ability and who have enhanced school administration are eligible to receive this award, which includes an honorary life membership in CASSA. Nominees are expected to have brought honor to themselves, their colleagues, and their profession; given exemplary service to their provincial or national professional association; made significant contributions to the field of education through their service, writings or other activities; and who therefore serves as a role model and teacher to others and have 5 years of membership in CASSA.

    Download the EXL Nomination Package in PDF format. (Employer & Nominee).

    2023 EXL Award Recipient 

    Anthony “Tony” Stack - Newfoundland and Labrador English School District

    Tony was nominated by Newfoundland and Labrador Association of School System Leaders (NLASSA).

    He has fulfilled numerous roles and district leadership positions over a 25-year career in Newfoundland and Labrador leading to his appointment as the CEO of Newfoundland Labrador’s only English Language School Board. Tony is a Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies at Memorial University, is an Officer of the Order of Military Merit which is a national distinction in recognition of his service to Canada, and is a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipient.

    Tony engaged with Michael Fullan to lead the province’s leaders in deep learning to reimagine learning under the mindset of “Good at Learning Good at Life”.

    XEROX Canada EXL Award Recipients


    EXL Recipient Affiliate
    2023 Anthony “Tony” Stack NLASSA
    2022 Bevan Daverne CASS
    2021 Denise Andre OCSOA
    2020 Renee Closs
    Darrel Robertson
    2019 Shannon Barnett-Aikman NWTSA
    2018 David Keohane CASSA
    2017 Dr. John Malloy OPSOA
    2016 Joan Carr CASS
    2015 John Crocco OCSOA
    2014 Brent Kaulback NWTSA
    2013 Kim Jenkins CASS
    2012 Robert Mills AAESQ
    2011 Linda Fabi
    Curtis Brown
    2010 John Mackle OCSOA
    2009 Johanne Messner OPSOA
    2008 Geoff Williams OPSOA
    2007 Carol Gray AAESQ
    2006 Ron Canuel AAESQ
    2005 Edie Wilde MASS
    2004 Ed Wittchen CASS
    2003 Roy Seidler MASS
    2002 John Darroch CASS